Bear Grylls Leaves Discovery and ‘Man vs Wild’

via Reddit

In the realm of Survival TV, Bear Grylls reigns supreme with a full 6 seasons of his wildly popular show ‘Man vs Wild.’  That is, until this week.  Due to an ongoing “contractual dispute,” Discovery is cancelling all current production efforts for the show.  Not much is known at present as to what these disputes actually are. 

Regardless, “Man vs Wild” was one of those show I just loved to watch.  If you pay attention, you can learn a TON of survival techniques from it and it was also entertaining to watch.  I know that Bear didn’t always portray the show honestly (like staying in a hotel some nights), but it still made for good television.  I’ll miss “Man vs Wild,” but I look forward to seeing what new projects Bear Grylls works on in the future.

P.S. – Discovery, if you’re through with Bear Grylls, BRING BACK LES STROUD AND SURVIVORMAN!


Author: Adrian

Adrian Hannah is a system administrator and poor college student at Michigan Technological University. He currently resides in Hancock, MI where he observes the outside world and puts in his two cents.