My Ideal Go Bag

After writing about what a go bag is, I started thinking about what I would put in my go bag. No, I don’t currently have a go bag. Yes, I plan on putting one together. I spent a couple of weeks looking through products on Amazon to see if there was anything worthwhile. This is the list of things I’ve decided to put together in my go bag. As I purchase them, I will review them and let you know what I think. Had I the means, I would have the following on hand for the apocalypse:
























Topographical Maps
















3 thoughts on “My Ideal Go Bag”

  1. You must live in a cold climate.
    The best thing to have in a survival situation is knowledge :), but a good knife, a flint and a heat proof container to boil water in wouldn’t go astray.
    Container: purify water, prepare medicine from plants, cook food, carry water, prepare tanning mixture for skins/hides, make tea
    Knife: make spear, make arrows, cut switches for trapping, prepare food, skin animals for clothing/blankets/tarps etc,  prepare tinder for a fire, use with flint to make fire, make digging stick for collecting tubers, cut roots for water source
    Flint: make fire
    If you enjoy reading, Jean. M. Auel’s books give detailed information on how people survived in paleolithic times, knowledge which can easily be adapted.


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