Found on the Internet: Zombies, Run! An iOS game.

Most of what I write about here is skills, knowledge, and devices you will need for once Armageddon has occurred, but what about prior to that.  You need to do some prep work to be ready and preparing your body is probably the most important aspect.  The developer Six to Start brings you an iOS game that makes running/jogging/walking fun and puts you in that Zombie Apocalypse state of mind.  Basically, you are a survivor in a world overrun with zombies.  You have to avoid the zombies while collecting vital supplies to support your base.  After you’ve gone out collecting (aka running), you return to base with your supplies and distribute them among the survivors at base in order to help your base prosper.  The more thrivant your base, the more missions you have access to.

One of the things I really like about this game is that it allows you to play your own music while you’re out doing these things.  Also, according to their website, they plan on integrating their data with Runkeeper which is handy for all you Runkeeper users out there.

The app costs $8 from the iTunes store, which is a bit pricey for an iOS app, but what’s $8 when Armageddon strikes?

Zombies, Run! [via Lifehacker]


Author: Adrian

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