How to Tie a Wireman’s Knot

There are many knots that fall into the loop-on-the-bight category, but this one is particularly helpful when building a rope bridge (as described in an upcoming post).  This knot is basically tied by reverse french braiding the loops.

  1. Wrap two turns around the left hand (palm up) from left to right.
  2. Name the wraps from the palm to the fingertips: #1 (heel), #2 (palm), and #3 (fingertip).  Grab the #2 wrap (middle) and place it over the #1 wrap (heel).
  3. Grab the #1 wrap (now in the middle) and place it over the #3 wrap (fingertip).
  4. Grab the #3 wrap (now in the middle) and place it over the #2 wrap (heel).
  5. Grab the #2 wrap (now in the middle) and pull up to form a fixed loop.
  6. Dress the knot down by pulling on the fixed loop and the two working ends.  Pull the working ends apart to finish the knot.

2 Replies to “How to Tie a Wireman’s Knot”

  1. Hey, the 3rd, 4th and 5th photos don’t show the change indicated by the arrow in the preceding photo. That renders the arrows in those photos meaningless and incomprehensible because they indicate moving a loop that is no longer there and another would be in its place. Find instructions on the internet that are correct. These instructions aren’t right.

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