Found on the Internet: How to Drive Away From a Tsunami

While this doesn’t necessarily fall into the niche of avoiding the apocalypse, knowing how to avoid a catastrophic tsunami is certainly a helpful skill to have in The End of Times.  Jalopnik has an excellent article on doing exactly that.

Using a car to evacuate in the event of a tsunami is NOT RECOMMENDED. If the tsunami is caused by a local earthquake, roads could be cracked and unpassable, or as Newsweek notes, clogged with those trying to escape, as what happened during the Samoan tsunami in September 2009:

People who could easily have climbed to high ground in the hills behind them chose, instead, to evacuate by car. Many drowned in their cars, which were struck in exodus traffic along narrow coastal roads.

The third floor or above in a steel-structured concrete building next to the beach is a far safer place to wait out a tsunami than on the way to higher ground in your car.

But if you’re already in your car, and have no other options, you’ll need to think fast. You only have a few seconds to make moves that’ll increase your odds. Most important, because of the sheer velocity and size of a tsunami, and other cars, debris or people that may be in your way, you likely won’t be able to outrun the water, no matter how fast your car is.

[How to drive away from a tsunami] via Jalopnik

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