Found on the Internet: How to Waterproof a Flashlight with a Bike Inner Tube

A Waterproofed Flashlight
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Sometimes you find something interesting on the Internet that is relevent outside the context it was originally published.  This is the case with this article I found on Lifehacker which points to an article on Instructables.  In this edition of Found on the Internet I direct you to a simple way to waterproof a flashlight using the inner tube from a bicycle tire.  You can buy fancy flashlights that are engineered to be waterproof, but considering the impromptu nature of surviving Armageddon, you may not have access to one of these.  As it is pointed out in the article, water and electricity don’t mix.  Water in the flashlight can cause a short, or worse, cause corrosion and permanent damage to your flashlight.  It is IMPERATIVE to keep your flashlight dry and this is a perfectly effective way to do so.

Quick Easy Waterproof Flashlight using an inner tube [Instructables]