Pro Tip: You Can Use Honey to Treat a Wound

When you think of honey, you probably think of that golden fluid drizzling on a warm biscuit.  But did you know that honey can be used as an antiseptic?  There is an enzyme in honey called glucose oxidase that generates a slow release of hydrogen peroxide under very specific conditions.

  1. It must be in contact with oxygen, which is a very necessary part of the reaction.
  2. The acidity of the honey must be neutralized (which it is when it comes into contact with body fluids).

It is also more effective when the honey is diluted in the fluids in the wound.  Because the hydrogen peroxide is released slowly, honey becomes a very effective antiseptic.

In the P.A.W., honey may not be a readily available resource.  In fact, it could be very scarce.  A prepared mind, might learn how to keep bees so that they can have honey available for food and for first aid in that scenario.